The “Handle With Care” Model:

If a law enforcement officer encounters a child during a call, that child’s information is forwarded to the school before the school bell rings the next day. The school implements individual, class and whole school trauma-sensitive curricula so that traumatized children are “Handled With Care". If a child needs more intervention, on-site trauma-focused mental healthcare is available at the school.

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Personal and Digital Wellness Videos

SHIELD and Libera have launched a suite of personal and digital wellness videos to equip children of all ages with critical safety information and resources. These videos present students with calming ways to address their anxiety; instruction on online and body safety, and resources on how to get help by text, phone, or finding a safe person. Be sure to check out the Online Safety for Middle and High School Students video, and SHIELD's full Personal and Digital Wellness Suite.

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Handle with Care Model

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